This is a blog dedicated to Flyleaf & Lacey Sturm (former singer of Flyleaf)!
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Lacey's interview on being a mom, Heavy Prey, and Flyleaf's new album. »

Lacey’s going to try to write a book. OMG!! That’s so exciting!

Did you know?

Did anyone else realize that the music video takes a part out of the song? I was getting frustrated (as I was watching the video) ‘cause I was like where is that part of the song!! Then I looked at the time differences of the song and the video.. The song is 4:16 and the video is 3:24.

So yeah they took the part of the song out that I thought was catchy! haha Listen for yourself! I think they took the second verse out. I am not sure if it is the whole second verse, but it takes the one part where her voice goes lowish.. I can’t explain. Listen for yourselves! haha


Heavy Prey Music Video Download! »

It’s mp4 format so you can put it on your iPod.

Heavy Prey

The music video will premier tomorrow on

Sneak peek of behind-the-scenes of Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf performing in the upcoming video for “Heavy Prey” from the Underworld:Awakening Soundtrack.