This is a blog dedicated to Flyleaf & Lacey Sturm (former singer of Flyleaf)!
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Taking the Warped Tour 2015 survey like


that would be amazing! but I once asked Sameer if they’d ever do warped and he said probably not. But who knows maybe his mind changed! :)
Anonymous: 6, 12, 13

I already answered evens, but i’ll answer 13 :)

13: Did you go through an embarrassing scene or emo phase? I think I’m still in it… lol no jk! um… idk I was always more into the gothy things in life.. I mean if u count that scene or emo.. I guess then. haha but I personally don’t think the scene/emo thing was even “embarrassing”. I think it was more the way the people acted. They were all like. “oh god I am so emo/scene..” “I am hardcore” and then the sterotype with Emo and cutting that shit pissed me off because it had nothing to do with tht.. Omg this just turned into a rant and it was suppose to be a simple answer.. lol

theflyleaffamily: All the evens!

2: If you had to get lyrics tattooed on your body, which lyrics would they be? So do these question have to do with the band the blog is about? I am assuming yes… So in that case. I already have Flyleaf lyrics tattooed on me. Arise and be all that you dreamed

4: What would you do if you worked at a restaurant and your favorite band showed up? Oh so maybe it’s not just about the band of the blog. IDK! But I would like secretly fangirl and then say hi, but try not to be too annoying and kinda just leave them to what they were doing. Cause realistically they’re just people like us. haha

6: What 3 songs make you ridiculously happy? This question is way too hard! ahh! and again I am not sure if it can be any song or just Flyleaf songs! But umm..

                            Devil’s Night - MIW (is that song even suppose to make people happy? prob not. lol but ohh well!)

                            Any Last Words - NYD

                            Arise - Flyleaf

8: Favorite band member of all time? I will not answer this because I always hop around lol

10: How do you feel about mosh pits? YYAASSS! lol

12: Name three bands you can’t stand other than Blood On the Dancefloor or Brokencyde well the ones named I loathe. but idk this one is hard. I usually don’t hate bands.. idk. oh got one! Never shout Never. and if u add in the other two tht sums it up! :)

14: How do you feel about bands that never change their sound? I mean idk. If they change their sound they’ll get hate. If they keep it the same people will call them boring… But I am fine with it either way. Try something new.. Or play it safe. as long as the music is good! I am chill with that. 

16: have you ever had a bad concert experience? I wouldn’t say bad, but some people in the audience have made me a little pissed before, but I just ignore that.

18: How many songs do you have on your ipod/phone/whatever right now? Over 2000 (I don’t remember the exact amount)

20: Have you ever been stereotyped because of the type of music you listen to? Unfortunately yes… 

22: Would you rather be a roadie or a band member? Band Member!! I sing :)

24: Are you good at songwriting? I like to think so. but prob not lol

thanks for sending in numbers!! :)